What: The World Wide Art Federation’s Election

Why: Atlanta and the world’s art scene needs leadership and the World Wide Art Federation has been leading but it needs a leader.

When: October 17th, 2012, 8pm

Where: The Goat Farm Arts Center, 1200 Foster Street, Atlanta, GA 30312

Sigh, How much: $10 for General Entry, $5 for Students, $20 for entry and a shirt.

How: Bring your body to The Goat Farm Arts Center and vote!

Need Money?: Yes we do. We have a campaign that we need funds for

The WWAF Election

Elect The WWAF’s first president!

GF Hosts: The Worldwide Arts Federation’s “Bellum Artis”

THE WORLDWIDE ARTS FEDERATION is pleased to announce that BELLUM ARTIS has been selected by the Goat Farm Arts Center.

BELLUM ARTIS is on Saturday June 16, 2012 in the Goodson Yard Performance Hall.
Hosted & Co-Produced by the Goat Farm Arts Center

Doors at 8 pm.

Show starts at 9:30 pm

$15 tickets at
$20 at the door,
$10 if you’re wearing an Occasional Superstar or WWAF shirt!

Watch This Video:

An art event unlike any other the city of Atlanta has to offer, The WWAF’s (A theatrical art competition experience) BELLUM ARTIS challenges artists to act as gladiators in a cage fight with paint brushes, pencils, skill, and overt verbal jabs.

Imagine if Ric Flare or Hulk Hogan could paint like Bob Ross. The three bouts, each with three rounds, are overseen by Fabian Williams as the tyrannical “Occasional SuperCaesar” as he menacingly pushes participating artists to the breaking point of their artistic sensibilities, challenging them to create works… and talk trash.

Campaigning for bragging rights as crowned victor of the The WWAF’s Art Battle starring:

Fabian Williams as Occasional SuperCaesar (Occasional Superstar)
Fahamu Pecou as Sexus Choc (Sex Choc)
Shawn Knight as Aurea Puer (Golden Child)
Dan Flores as Dan The Man
Sam Parker as Homonculus Tormentum (The Midget Mangler)
And more

All Goat Farm awardees receive its AIP (Arts Investment Package) which includes significant financial assistance, direct funding, production/marketing assistance and rehearsal/performance/exhibition space.

March 10, 2012
10pm – 12am

Stuart McClean Gallery
684 John Wesley Dobbs Ave
Suite A-1 Atlanta, Ga 30312

During The ALL 4 ONE Artwalk in Old 4th Ward, The World Wide Art Federation will be holding a mini Art Battle Royal titled EVERYMAN 4 HIMSELF at Stuart McClean Gallery.

An Art Battle Royal from The WWAF, 4 art warriors from 4 different galleries:

Stuart McClean
Ansel “Backwoodz” Butler

Mint Gallery
Andrew Bellury aka Tiger Wizard

Melvin Gallery
Sam “The Midget Mangler” Parker

ABV Gallery
Shingy Pop aka the Ankle Biting Villain (ABV Gallery)

These artists will collide in an art dual to the def! Hosted by the eclectic and mysterious Exacto and Damaj (DJ Jamad)!

Who will survive the creative carnage? Find out!

Images from the most bestest most baddest tribute to the country top pimps and players. I give you the Studious Study Of Stuntin’ photographed by TT Coles.

We’re doing it one mo’ gain. Yes, yes ya’ll. If you missed the critically acclaimed The Studious Study Of Stuntin’, then you’re in luck. TSSS is running again for the first time. The date will be announced in the next few weeks. Congratulations to you!

One mo gain, The 5.1st Art Battle:
The WWAF Presents The Studious Study Of Stuntin’: An Artist Battle and Art Battle

At The Studious Study Of Stuntin’ we’re paying tribute to the greatest players in The United States Of America. The ones who screwed over the country and got away with it, just like a true player would. It’s an artist ball too. Similar to a player’s ball but with artists. We’re encouraging all artist and creatives to be dressed up in their most outrageous outfits possible. Outrageous like the schemes that Josh Birnbaum and Michael Swinson ran with Goldman Sachs to ruin the housing market by betting against the very loans that they encouraged and make a ton of loot. Outrageous like Dick Cheney’s Halliburton who moved their headquarters to Dubai to avoid paying taxes after they looted the government with billions in contracts. Outrageous like Bishop Eddie Long having grown men call him daddy. You know, outrageous like that…you are the peacock.

As always we’re having an art battle to celebrate this occasion with new artists as well as other WWAF veterans. Hosted by myself, Fabian Williams aka Occasional Superstar and Fahamu Pecou aka Sex Choc. Music being provided by DJ Jamad and Exacto with lighting and video by PA UNIVERSAL SOUND, LIGHTING & MEDIA. Follow the details at

Save The Date:
January 28, 2011, 6pm – 12am

Get your pre-sale tickets here:


Hosted by:
Occasional Superstar (Fabian Williams)
Sex Choc (Fahamu Pecou )

Evolution (Maurice Evans)
Artus The Great (Charly Palmer)
Camara Lensey (Jasiatic Anderson)
Dan DTM Creative Genius (Dtm Tatumaster Flores)
Juicy J (Joshua Hooper)
Rawkus Rucker (Tisha Rucker)
Shawn Knight (Daddy Butter Knuckles)
Cupid (Rameses Jones)
Aja Adams (Aja The Slayer)

Phantom Of The Art (Jerry Allen)
Faatimah Stevens (Faa Fatale)
Cheree Clay Bailey
and more

Fabian Williams as Occasional Superstar

After only 4 exhibits, Fabian Williams’ creative creation gets Best Art Beef in Creative Loafing. Pretty much a category made for The World Wide Art Federation, the founder, it’s artists, and the exhibit are all highlighted as one of the cities most exciting displays of creativity. Creative Loafing says:

The disparate worlds of hip-hop, pro-wrestling and live art collide in artist Fabian Williams’ World Wide Arts Federation art battles. A nod to the Hulk Hogan era of the World Wrestling Federation, WWAF puts swagger and showmanship on display for alter ego artist throwdowns. Artists such as Fahamu Pecou, Michi Meko, CP the Artist Palmer, Grace Kisa, Charly Palmer and more dress as gangstas, psycho killers and martial arts mercenaries to talk trash, face off on canvas and be judged Roman coliseum style by a frenzied crowd at Stuart McClean Gallery. Not to be outdone by his peers, Williams dives into the action, too, alternating between two alter egos: the pimptastic Occasional Superstar and trench-coated masked man Exacto. Whatcha gonna do, when the WWAF runs wild on you?




Finally the next installment in the Art Battle exhibits from The World Wide Art Federation. On October 15th the Studious Study Of Stuntin’ is going all the way down in the A town. It’s an artists ball so if you can render make sure your suited and booted in your very best palette of flyness.


WWAF Background

New season of art battles calls for a new experience in interactivity with the realm of The World Wide Art Federation. Familiarize yourself with the on going story with the WWAF and it’s league of talented art warriors. We have video, images, and stories for you to entertain yourself.

We’ll be announcing all of our exhibits here as well so just make sure you keep coming back for more.

Your editor in awesome, Occasional Superstar